Saturday, December 19, 2015

The cool change


It's summer time in Melbourne, and we don't have air conditioning at home. The days (and nights) are long, hot and relentless. I've started sleeping under a wet towel with the fan blasting. It's probably not the best for me, but it gets me through.

It just started to rain. Those two magical words - 'cool change' - that you never quite believe until it lands on your doorstep. I went outside and stood in the rain, blinking up at the sky. Thank you. Thank you.
While my dog Bella looked over with curiosity from her dry spot under the table, I smiled. Life. The struggle. The battle. The hope. The relief.
The rollercoaster.
The giving and receiving.
The inhale and exhale.

I tend to forget about the peaks and troughs of life until I find myself, once again, in that place of relief and gratitude. It's often only then that I allow myself to reflect and understand. The relearning of life and it's lessons.


Hormonally, I'm a little bit of a wreck. Oestrogen dominance, my (wonderful, patient and kind) holistic GP has said. As a result, I'm battling a whole host of challenges in my monthly cycle, primarily the suspected onset of endometriosis.
I've spent the last couple of (sweltering) days mainly on the couch, trying to put up with these often-crippling menstrual pains. I'm no purist. Ibuprofen is not getting the job done, and time is seemingly wasted.

But I'm writing this to reinforce the message of mother nature.
The hard times come and go. It can seem insufferable and unbearable.
Then the cool change arrives.

And we begin again.

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