Monday, October 5, 2015

Meditation - make your own rules.

I was just about to log off, switch off, and start up my nightly meditation when I realised - I've finally started up a sustainable meditation regime.

It hasn't felt like a chore. I haven't 'fallen off the horse' more times that I can count. I've been trying to cultivate a regular meditation practice for years now, but only in the last couple of months has it stuck. So - why now?

Because I let go of all the bloody (self-imposed) 'rules'.

For a long time, I pushed myself into trying to introduce a morning meditation practice. That seemed to be the most common approach to it - a delicious time of peace before the (often) hectic energy of the day can bombard you.
And it was great. For the days that I was able to push myself to wake up earlier, wriggle out of the loving cuddles from Tim, and plant my butt on that cushion, it was beautiful. But what about the times that I'd prefer to stay in a little longer, remain present with my man, have that moment of stillness and quiet in his arms?
So I'd skip meditation that morning. Then a cycle of guilt, shame and 'should-ing' would commence.

So, now, I meditate in the mornings when it feels right. When I naturally wake up earlier. When I feel that I have the time, or like I need that extra boost for the day ahead.

Now, my meditation routine (for lack of a more desirable word) takes place at night. After work, after the gym, after dinner. I find a window of 15-20 minutes, sit up at my bed, and take some time for stillness. I follow a guided meditation, do some chakra healing, or simply focus on my breathing. Sometimes I light a candle. Sometimes I spend that time looking over my vision board, or I recite affirmations. Whatever tickles my fancy, floats my boat, etc etc!

There's so many benefits to meditation. I'm truly appreciating having that quiet time to connect with myself. To listen to those thoughts that pop up when there's nothing else blocking or clouding that channel. Taking the time to meditate has given me an overall sensation of calm and presence in my day to day life. It's also a big contributor to me reconnecting with creativity and returning to blogging.
I've found meditating at night to be more sustainable. Less sacrificing. Genuinely easier; organic.

It has been a simple 'rule' change with a great impact. Oh, and while we're on the topic - every now and then I even meditate lying down! What a wild child I am! I'm not sure if one blog post can handle this much rebellion?!

Sending love, light, and rule-breaking-fairy-dust in your direction. xo

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