Saturday, April 25, 2015

The awkward first post

Hi there, lovely!

I'm Erin. And this is my Awkward First Blog Post.

(Glancing back before facing forward - a photo from May 2014 in Cairns, Australia.)

Except it's technically not. I started Lemongrass Love back in late 2012, and it was intended to be an avenue to 'get my shit sorted.' It reflected who I was back then - some positive insights, reflections on books and spiritual mentors, intertwined in some dark and occasionally disturbed thoughts as a result of some hefty life experiences.
It became a bit of a contradiction. The blog, which claimed to be written by someone 'dipping their toes into spirituality', become an uncomfortable mixture of the light/happy, and the downright murky. It was a total reflection of who I was at the time, unpredictable by the month, the week, the day.
So I stopped it. I stepped away. I needed to get back to walking my walk, before talking the talk. As much as it was therapeutic to write about my struggles, it was also anxiety-provoking in it's own right - what if someone I knew read this? A fear that I suppose many new bloggers face.

Life has since settled. It's still a little up and down, filled with those highs and lows that make it all so worthwhile. But I feel all the more ready to start writing on a public level again. I don't know if I have that much to share, we'll see as we go, but the difference now is that I am willing to share it.

So, thank you for stopping by to read a post that is a little cryptic and (as always) a bit rambly.
I'm so excited to get back into writing again.


  1. Hi Erin.. Welcome back! I had your page bookmarked from years ago and was surprised to see you are back.. I was actually going through deleting some stuff! Hows things going these days? Are you still in the same profession?

    1. So great to hear from you Alice! I was super shocked to see a comment on my blog as I haven't publicly commented on anything through this avenue yet!
      Things are going really well, a lot better than when you last read my blog I'm sure. I honestly can't explain how much of a difference it has made to change my area of work. I've learnt that I'm highly intuitive person and pushing against my gut feeling can wreck serious havoc on my life. I am doing practice nursing at the moment, which I ended up switching to a couple of years ago. I really do enjoy it. I'll possibly be looking to change my specific clinic at some stage, but I think that's just life as we're always growing/learning/changing.
      How are you? I hope you are doing well xx

    2. Yeah pretty weird that I checked back here after all this time! I'm doing better too.. everything you say is exactly how I feel.. its definitely when we don't go with our gut and don't look after ourselves that mental health suffers. I think I told you I was studying nursing.. I've just graduated and looking for a job now! You sound a bit like me, and can't stay in the same place/job for too long.. I think eventually once I get some experience under my belt I want to do some humanitarian work like in disaster zones, but I definitely need to gain some experience first! Look forward to reading more of your posts! xo

    3. Oh wow, congrats on graduating!! You must feel so excited. You should start blogging too! It would be very interesting to hear where nursing takes you. There's definitely so many opportunities for you now. I'll keep on blogging along :) Thanks for stopping by again Alice :)

    4. Yeah I have thought about starting a blog.. but I'm a bit wary about talking about personal stuff and everyone reading it! But I do think what I have gone through is so I can help others going through similar things one day :)